Company Activities

Main Activities

As the holding of the logistics department of Iran Investment Company, Iran Offshore Co. that possesses five fast dual-purpose vessels (cargo and passenger ships) under the names of Offshore1, 2, 3, 4, 5 has embarked on the provision of maritime logistic services and the maintenance of existing oil platforms in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea gas and oil fields belonging to affiliated companies to National Iranian Oil Co. –especially the ones pertaining to Iranian Offshore Oil Company.

Moreover, in order for the completion and increase of its marine fleet, Iran Offshore Co. intends to place an order and manufacture a thirty-six-meter vessel with the use of subsidized facilities of managed funds committee in Ports and Maritime organization of Iran.

Secondary Activities

To enhance its competitiveness in maritime logistics tenders, Iran Offshore Co. has embarked on the activation of its subsidized company, Petro Bina Kish International Offshore Co. , more than before. To this end, it aims at the purchase of new vessels under the name of the company and getting the facilities from managed funds resources in Ports and Maritime organization of Iran. The stages of this important issue is in progress; the actions for getting facilities from the banking system have been following in the past year so that the company would be able to pay its debts to Iran Investment Co. via the facilities taken from Iran Zamin, Eghtesad Novin and Tourism banks. Hopefully, the major part of debts to Iran Investment Co. has been settled and paid back through the two hundred billion Rial loan taken from Iran Zamin bank.